Ensure results for your speakers

The success of a TEDx talk relies on the speakers' target audience to able to find their TEDx video or see them on the TEDx stage through content on other platforms. Otherwise, your speakers' ideas worth spreading will have no chance to have an impact.

We have developed a system to use social platform ads on YouTube / Facebook / LinkedIn to specifically target speakers' demographics of interest. See an example ad video below.



  • We develop campaign goals with speakers which align with their desired business goals.
  • We suggest audience targeting insights, sales funnel tactics, and ad spend experience. 


  • We create promotional videos from a speakers' talk.
  • Add supplemental images, music, and graphics.
  • $500 for a 30 second ad. $750 for two 30 second ads.


  • We use website pixels to track what your audience does after clicking on your ad.
  • We can make changes to campaigns and monitor analytics over time.