Last Day at Work

Today is the dayyy. My last day in the office.

I've been getting so many questions about how I feel about leaving.

And the truth is, I feel great, but probably more normal than you would imagine. 

That's the thing with a plan that starts with a dream. 

A dream can only become a reality once you have thought about if forever. 

And then you speak about it to families / friends / mentors. 

And then you make goals, you create an action plan that becomes more clear and refines over time. 

And then the hard part. This is where most people have regret because they stop here. You have to actually go for it. 

You have to take the first step. Even if you're not sure where the path will go, you have to trust yourself. Trust your plan. Have faith.

Know that things will get messed up and there will be failures along the way. Give yourself permission to fail.

Like MLK said "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step".

Today is that day, my final day at work, and what a great day for this to happen.

I'm thrilled that some of my co-workers want to take me to lunch.

I'm thrilled how well my employer and team has taken everything. So grateful :) It's been a great place to work for the last year. I'm just on a different path. 

I'm thrilled to meet 23 speakers tonight at our TEDxWilmington speaker dinner for tomorrow TEDxWilmingtonLive: Age of Amazement event hosted at Wilmington Friends School.

Aarón Shepard I'm excited to finally meet you. It's been great watching your road to the red circle. You'll do great tomorrow afternoon!! :)

I'm thrilled to get amazing feedback from a friend and client today. This is what it's all about :) "JAKKKKEEEEE I am so happy with this video - so proud of you! You are going to go far my dear!!!!! Don’t forget me when you do!"

I have some big news to drop too, an amazing film project that will put me in some interesting places pretty soon :)

For those of you who have been following my journey, thank you <3.

The encouragement, the interest, the questions - everything helps more than you may realize. Thank you <3

Thank you so much to my family for all the help and support in making this change. I love you Dad, Jim Voorhees, who has never used facebook but someone will tell him about this.

Mom thank you for always believing in me Peg Leonard Voorhees McHugh, even went I may struggle to believe in myself. I love you. 

Sam Voorhees who is my little brother but has already done so many awesome things in his career that I look up to him in some ways.

Tom McHugh, thank you for all of your mentorship and advice. 50 years on me means you know a lottttt more about navigating critical life moments like this one. I look forward to more morning coffees.

Ajit Mathew George how would I be in the position I'm in today without the help of you and the tribe that is TEDxWilmington? It's been a life changing family, full of inspiration, love, support, and the best ideas. Thank you for the connections and referrals.

And to the TEDxWilmington tribe itself, thank you for all the conversations we've had about this, and all of your inspiration and encouragement through your interesting lives Rhianon Husmann Alessandra Nicole Evan M BartleDana Dobson Alex Platt Kelsey Guinnup Bob Turner Megan Varley Brian M Loy Monterry Luckey Fawn Walker Denise Angeli-Desiderio Leah Coles

Chris Dougherty, to all the great entrepreneur conversations we've had in recent years. Can't wait to see what we're talking about at 40, 50, 100, etc. 

Sam Shoge, thank you for being able share camera journey's and collab as much as we can. I have a feeling there will be a bunch more of that coming up. 
Darius Johnson can't wait to see what you can cook up together, looking forward to helping you from here. 

Saba Sab for helping me so much while I was realizing that I needed to leave Vancouver and return home. I still don't know how to thank you and your family. The Persian kindness is real!

Simon Duguid I'm glad we could team up together for a few years, and I'm really excited to see what sort of international stuff we can tackle together next. 

Amiel Leandro De Guzman, the best drone pilot I have ever met, still. Thank you for being my drone mentor and truly my first ever camera friend. I want to come with you to The Philippines soon!

Cory Tieste for reconnecting this year and all the fun and the conversations about everything. 

Grant Waldie for trailblazing some things with me. Good times sir, good times. Glad to see you're running with everything now. 

To 1% Nation! Thank you! 

To my Drexel Society of Women Engineers (SWE) crew who is having me back to speak next week :) Purva Vaidya Dani Elizabeth Serena Yombe.

To the people I've already been able to help and work with, thank you for the support :) Soraya Morgan Sara A. Jones IncNow John L Williams Nicole Harrison Sarah Brown John Schratwieser Kara L. Frison Gina Scalzo-Jachimowicz Colleen Leithren Joyce Tannian.

More tags in the comments, because apparently you can only have 50 lol. 

Here's to more adventures!!